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Vanquisch wins Prix St. Georges in Pompadour!

Hello every one!

Finally an update from Pompadour in France! It has taken quite some time before we had internet. We have had our first competition day. Today Vanquisch has won the Prix St. Georges with a score of almost 70%!! Super cool! Entering the arena was a bit difficult as Vanquisch started to whinny but the rest of the test went really well. 

We also took Ubique to Pompadour. He didn't compete for quite a long time but I got my scores to compete him here so I showed him to practice our Grand Prix test. :) It was
only our third Grand Prix test so we both are green. Ubique was hot, pff... like a bomb. The first part of the test was really good but in the walk tour he was too hot. That cost a lot of points. Normally our canter tour is very strong but today we made several mistakes as he was very tensed. The score was over 62%. For now I am satisfied as we had a long show break en we are not that experienced. The piaffe and passage tour was quite good. It was too bad we had some mistakes in canter. We just should gain experience now. Tomorrow we will compete in the freestyle kur to music. 

Vanquisch I will compete at intermediare 1 level tomorrow. I have to start as second competitor at 08:39 AM. The best 15 qualify for the kur on Sunday. 

We will keep you updated

, Joyce
Marcel, Stan and Malou!
Vanquisch and Ubique