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Qualification points for George and Guapa!

George power!! 💪
Today the third qualifier was on the program. The location was Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde. Joyce competed George and Guapa at Z2 level.

George was first to go.. oooooooo what an scary arena. George was a bit spooky 👻, but he had a great expression! 
Of course we lost some points because he was tensed but we had good parts as well and we came second. In the final ranking he was first for the selection. 

Than it was up to sweet handsome Guapa. She only did her second show today. Guapa was very focussed, the backwards wasn't that good and the walk part was not so steady but I am so proud of her!! She came fourth and third in the selection. 

Happy with these two top horses! 

More Beukenvallei success: L
otte Verstappen won the Z1 test and Linda van Akere finished third!

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