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First trainings day in Biarritz was a good day

Joyce is at the international show in Biarritz in France and tells about the first trainings day:

Well, we have had our first trainings day here and now we are having dinner at a pizzeria. The horses did well today. Ubique is quite nervous and tensed but we are getting used of it, sort of.. ;-)
The arena was a bit overwhelming for Euro who was a bit tensed in the ring but his first test is on Saturday so we have a bit more time for him. Authentic and Showboy were good and our students trained good as well. Danique's pony is tired. It is his first international show and first long trip but training was okay today. 

On Thursday the vet check is on the program at 3 PM. Fortunately the weather broadcast says it's getting better. Till now we have had a lot of rain. 

Tomorrow the show will start, we are looking forward! 

Speak soon!