Kapelstraat 12  5595 GK  Leende

CDI Grote Brogel

Yesterday Marcel and Joyce came back home from the Dutch show in Grote Brogel... bad luck this time...

On the first day Iconic B was great in the Prix St. Georges test. In the last part of the test we had three big mistakes (one exercise was even marked with a 1) so the score went down to almost 68%. 

On the second day the pair performed very well and the test was really good. After the salut somebody strummbled and hit the fence of the arena. Iconic paniced and Joyce completely was out of balance. She fell of... As this all happened before she passed the letter A the pair was disqualified.... so no freestyle kur on Sunday... 

'Mixed feelings... too bad we couldn't compete in de freestyle kur but proud we would have had over 70% if I could have stayed in the saddle.'
We look forward to next time :-)

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