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Cavalor...When the result counts...

Every day all horses at The Beukenvallei get the best treatment and of course the best food. The Beukenvallei horses, the sport horses, the stallions, the breeding mares and the youngsters get Cavalor food. Joyce and Marcel are very satisfied about Cavalor. 

'All horses get Cavalor, we have different products. Most sport horses get Cavalor Top Action and Endurix. The breeding mares get Top Action as well but we complete their meal with Probreed, which is especially for mares with foals. We start to feed the Probreed about three months before the foal is expected.
Even the horses which eat not so easily really like the Cavalor food! Karen Vloet advises us in our feeding management. She answers our questions about feeding and gives great advices. We commend Cavalor for every horse!' says Joyce.