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A new student at The Beukenvallei

Since February we have a new student at The Beukenvallei: Ankie van der Heijden. Ankie is 18 years old and is Dutch. She brought her nine year old mare by San Remo to the Beukenvallei to train with. She competes at M1 level (middle).

Ankie does the Dutch school NHB Deurne, direction sport and should do her internship for six months. It's Ankie's first school year in Deurne but before she already passed her exams for another horse education.

'I have chosen for The Beukenvallei as I want to improve my riding and I think this is a great opportunity for me!' Anky says.

On the picture you can see Ankie with Vanquisch, who is hand walked in the morning. The picture under the solarium is with Ankie's own horse.